Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pig Parasite To Be Trialled As Treatment For Crohn's Disease

Saw this article about a clinical trial starting to test pig whipworm eggs as a treatment for Crohn's.  Here's an excerpt:
TSO is a new drug, taken by mouth, that contains microscopic eggs of the pig whipworm parasite. It acts as a natural regulator of the immune system, by controlling T-cells, a group of white blood cells, and cytokines, signalling proteins that deal with inflammation, among other things.
In a pig, the eggs grow into whipworms and reproduce, without causing harm to the animal. In a human, the same eggs live no more than two weeks. But in that time, they appear able to influence the host immune system and stop it attacking tissue and organs.
Seems interesting.  Reminds me of helminthic therapy -- although doesn't sound like the worms stick around past two weeks.  Hints to a lack of diversity of bacteria and other organisms in our gut.

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